I am Bitter

I am BITTER; well, the word itself stands to lose its meaning, & tumbles down the abyss of collective self admonishment and loathing as I ponder over the incident. And then I say to myse…

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I am Bitter



I am BITTER; well, the word itself stands to lose its meaning, & tumbles down the abyss of collective self admonishment and loathing as I ponder over the incident. And then I say to myself, am i really BITTER or just pretending to be?

A 34 something, out of job male stabs a 21 year old female in the NATIONAL CAPITAL and we witness this gruesome incident on various news channels, without feeling twisted in our bones.Writhing in pain, she called out to us repeatedly, as the accuser’s scissor weapon worked its way into the victim’s body, 28 times.

Come to think of it, how fully aware was the accused of his surroundings. He believed, YES , he truly believed, to his bones, that only if HE summoned the COURAGE to let his INTENTION KNOW to the crowd of onlookers, who were too afraid to take a STEP, too RIGID to step out to help and too INHUMAN to react to victim’s outcry for help, he would come out winners in his SAVAGE act.

All they heard were their inner fears and the manacles in which our society has caged itself.

All he could FEEL was his utter, misplaced BRAVADO in accomplishing what he deemed possible.

What an IRONY?

How WEAK were those 10-15 people to do RIGHT and how STRONG one individual was in carrying out the WRONG.

I FELT BITTER as I read the newspaper column describe this inhuman act in detail. I felt the rush of adrenaline and the feeling of helplessness at the same time.

What if it was my loved one?

Would I still have walked past her, or better still, waited till she DIED?

My remorseful conscience took a leap of imagination and brought out few pointers that I am about to put in WORDS, lest they are pushed and buried , just like the victim’s pleas for HELP in the minds of those who walked past her as she dealt with one BLOW after the OTHER.

  • Instead of CANDLE MARCHES & PETITIONS in the COURTS to bring out JUSTICE, we should embolden our women to pick ARMS and hit back at the very SIGHT of VIOLENCE against them.
  • PARENTS should compulsorily train their FEMALE offspring to COMBAT & nurture their fighting INSTINCT at A VERY young age.
  • Governments should bring in Women counselors in every police station and women should be encouraged to approach them without fail at the very sign of violence against them.
  • Men who think their girlfriend, wives, mothers and sisters to be their fiefdoms need to be educated, trained and if need be chained , YES , chained, in order to bring some semblance of ORDER in the way they APPROACH WOMEN.

I frustratingly WONDER, what could have possibly lead the ACCUSED to act in the way he did?

What could have been his FINAL thoughts before he committed the heinous CRIME?

A man of our SOCIETY, a MAN who killed, had the courage to CLICK the Victim’s picture and share the deed with someone whom he had promised to carry out the KILL.

For his HONOR & for our DISHONOR……

I am BITTER at the CHOICES our Society has presented ITSELF with:

MALE:       A killer, accused, murderer, embittered LOVER, a MALE Chauvinist…..

FEMALE:  Meek Victim, Helpless, Dead and Writhing in Pain, casualty of OUR apathy





I am Bitter                        Image Source: http://www.Tribune.com


Necessity of beauty pageants

World watched with bated breath when Aishwarya rai, our revered supermodel from India won the miss world crown. Along with several modeling assignments from around the world she won the hearts of her countrymen. Her proud parents and people alike recognized the true power of being beautiful and that too; on a world stage.

Since then and year after year, beauty pageants have become a discussion among girls wanting to have a fair chance of succeeding in the fashion world. From grooming themselves at a very young age to buying beauty products for the upkeep of their healthy skin, girls want to achieve the epitome of fashion world through these beauty pageants. Rest of us admire their beauty, reminiscing ourselves to look good through the product the beauty queen endorses.

This leaves us with a pertinent question; what is the necessity of these pageants?  Why beauty pageants are regarded as the ultimate place to promote beauty and skin care brands and not through general use among public by awareness programs and private initiatives?

Be it sports or academics, competition is the ultimate arena is deciding the best out of the rest. However once the competition ends, we limit sportsperson’s or academician’s ability to their respective fields they excel in. On the other hand winner of beauty Pageants is regarded as the forbearer of beauty and poise, someone who embodies not just beauty but the brands she endorses.

Acclaimed beauty and skin care multinationals rely heavily by marketing beauty queens throughout the world and in the process create them as vehicle of financial gain for their respective regions. Shrewdly calculated research by data companies throughout the world backed with years of experience have pushed these behemoths to look at the beauty pageants as a means to an end giving fillip to the oft repeated paradigm of  –“ Beauty is just skin deep”. Beauty is always in the eyes of beholder, however companies world over have packed beauty through these events, which generally rides on human sentiments. In rooting and following our beauty queens we miss the actual meaning of it and scratch only the surface.

Fashion models influencing youngsters.

In today’s world youngsters would prefer listening to people on screen than people off it. Their parent’s omnipresent god like presence often leads them to not take their concerns seriously. Youngsters today want to emulate models walking the ramp; their thin bodies, an inspiration to skip meals and look perfect in the fashionable dress they bought.

With this trend in mind media advertising is often directed towards youngsters. Youngsters become conscious of brands floating around the city landscape; through advertisement, TV and Internet. When they watch their beloved models on ramp, they want to reject their modest lifestyle and embrace fast and exciting world of their favorite model. In order to be as beautiful and skinny because they have seen someone on the cover of a magazine, girls with normal weight lose kilos leading to unhealthy body weight with serious health consequences.

Though looking good and presentable is always going to be a priority of our society and clothes play a significant part in projecting our personality to the modern world, fashion models through their antics have taken this too far. Teenagers today are insecure about their bodies and overall look, often prompting them towards extreme choices of becoming skinny and leading a lifestyle not suited to them. Their strong desire to impress peers results in spending money on clothes and their looks. Along with expensive cloths; breast implants, laser hair removal and liposuction have become as normal as going to a general physician for an ailment.

Media influence and fashion models rhetoric would play a big part in shaping the mindset of current generation. More avenues propagating healthy fashion choices and models coming out in open to suggest healthy lifestyle should be encouraged in the fashion industry. When youth is digressing towards extreme choices out of fear of losing out to others, it is fashion industry’s priority to promote healthy lifestyle and not make money out of youth’s sentiments.








Fairer creams for fashionable looks- Truth of it

Flitting through the screen I came across a fair model cum actress promoting a fairness cream. She spoke with poise and real purpose. The advertisement showed research done on the authenticity of cream’s affect on our skin. By the end of it, model declared the cream as a one stop solution to fairer skin. My brown skinned yet beautiful sister who was sitting by my side exclaimed before the actress could finish her sentence. “I am surprised how far they can take the concept of beauty and link it with fairness, what a show these companies put on TV, hilarious?”

Coming from a young girl in her twenties, who are often trapped in their insecurities of looking fair to impress future grooms and peers; fairness advertisements add fuel to fire in a lost cause. Research has shown that these creams that are sold as Fairness product serve nothing more than being a skin protection or Cold Cream. Walk up to any brown skinned lady with dark pigmentation and chances are that their verdict of fairness creams being actually fair would be a big NO. However the tendency to look fair is so overpowering that youngsters give in to the promises of fairer skin and end up using products without any results.

A recent outburst of an established actress in the country gave strength to the campaign. It also served as a grim reminder that well to do glamorous people also mock at the idea of a fairness cream creating a world of opportunities for a dark skinned person, completely subjugating a darker skin individual with this pointless idea. Fairness cream should not only stop the marketing gimmick of fairness but also put an end to manufacturing lies that not only affects people who use them but also their loved ones who care deeply about their well being.

Why celebrities are at the forefront of fashion

“What’s interesting” my fifteen year old niece shot back at me while handing me the morning cup as I shuffled through the city newspaper one wintry morning. With the chill that numbed city dwellers like me into inaction this week, hot cup of tea came to my rescue, however my niece’s innocent question begged for an answer. As I turned pages, all I could fish out were earthquakes, deaths, and strike stories. She shot back after few unnerving seconds, looking over the newspaper’s back page filled with advertisement; “Mamu, look at the beautiful skirt this actress is wearing, I would like to have one like it”

Her innocent yet enlightening answer to her own question left me wondering “What is so interesting about celebrities that even a fifteen year old wants to follow?” Well, came a resounding reply “Why not?” after all actors inspire us through their sagas of love and triumph over evil, and we are convinced. Hence whatever they do or put on is a matter of serious concern to common folk, wanting to lead their life vicariously.

More than the characters they portray on screen, celebrities willingness to take extra risk and show confidence in their craft, when only a successful assignment could make their career emboldens common folk to work hard and take risks to be successful. We want to be like them, talk like them .To put it simply; we want to break the mould and stand out from the crowd by taking fashion risks like our role models.

More than anything else we want to be appreciated as human beings. We want to look and feel nice in whatever we wear, which is a common thread that binds celebrities and common people. In doing so we fit into the same pair of jeans our hero slipped into in a commercial or a hit movie. For better or worse fashion choices we make will always be looked through the mirror reflecting our faces but which is mostly owned by our celebrities.



Brand recall through fashionable statements

What do we remember most about our childhood? As children our school playground extended to our house backyards once we hopped back to our homes after arduous school hours in long strides of freedom. Past time meant a friend for company in the afternoon & an hour of prime time television preceded by national news during night.

During those hours and fleeting moment of intelligence on television we heard of phrases like “Lijaat papad, Karram Kurram” & “Get ready , Ever ready” & who can forget “ Lime & lemody Limca” from our desi cloth clad & less animated models . We crunched Lijjat Papad to the liking of our taste buds, burnt EVERREADY batteries to weed out darkness & quenched our thirst with LIMCA, never realizing that these BRANDS slowly but unknowingly became part of our daily lives that we could not ignore, like a loyal friend out to play in blistering afternoon heat, just for his friend’s company.

Our very own legendary, iconic actor, Amitabh Bachhan, who has come closest to the “Habit” consumer, would like to aspire for in their brand by simply using it. Consumer’s brand connect hence not only brings in sales but becomes an extension of a well formed habit or legacy that they would like to be associated with by buying a brand that AB endorses.

Our emotional quotient blatantly tells us to accept his good acting skills in the frame that he chooses & enjoy his journey and the depth that he brings to his flawless acting skills. Nevertheless, some brands have a story to tell and bigger the brand, bigger the chance of that story becoming successful & resonant in public.

We like to see a reflection of ourselves in things we create; “An extension of personality” an oft repeated jargon. Similarly BRANDS that successfully depict their usefulness about how they are an inherent part of human experience, resonate more, gets accepted more and are consumed more.