Brand recall through fashionable statements

What do we remember most about our childhood? As children our school playground extended to our house backyards once we hopped back to our homes after arduous school hours in long strides of freedom. Past time meant a friend for company in the afternoon & an hour of prime time television preceded by national news during night.

During those hours and fleeting moment of intelligence on television we heard of phrases like “Lijaat papad, Karram Kurram” & “Get ready , Ever ready” & who can forget “ Lime & lemody Limca” from our desi cloth clad & less animated models . We crunched Lijjat Papad to the liking of our taste buds, burnt EVERREADY batteries to weed out darkness & quenched our thirst with LIMCA, never realizing that these BRANDS slowly but unknowingly became part of our daily lives that we could not ignore, like a loyal friend out to play in blistering afternoon heat, just for his friend’s company.

Our very own legendary, iconic actor, Amitabh Bachhan, who has come closest to the “Habit” consumer, would like to aspire for in their brand by simply using it. Consumer’s brand connect hence not only brings in sales but becomes an extension of a well formed habit or legacy that they would like to be associated with by buying a brand that AB endorses.

Our emotional quotient blatantly tells us to accept his good acting skills in the frame that he chooses & enjoy his journey and the depth that he brings to his flawless acting skills. Nevertheless, some brands have a story to tell and bigger the brand, bigger the chance of that story becoming successful & resonant in public.

We like to see a reflection of ourselves in things we create; “An extension of personality” an oft repeated jargon. Similarly BRANDS that successfully depict their usefulness about how they are an inherent part of human experience, resonate more, gets accepted more and are consumed more.




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