Fairer creams for fashionable looks- Truth of it

Flitting through the screen I came across a fair model cum actress promoting a fairness cream. She spoke with poise and real purpose. The advertisement showed research done on the authenticity of cream’s affect on our skin. By the end of it, model declared the cream as a one stop solution to fairer skin. My brown skinned yet beautiful sister who was sitting by my side exclaimed before the actress could finish her sentence. “I am surprised how far they can take the concept of beauty and link it with fairness, what a show these companies put on TV, hilarious?”

Coming from a young girl in her twenties, who are often trapped in their insecurities of looking fair to impress future grooms and peers; fairness advertisements add fuel to fire in a lost cause. Research has shown that these creams that are sold as Fairness product serve nothing more than being a skin protection or Cold Cream. Walk up to any brown skinned lady with dark pigmentation and chances are that their verdict of fairness creams being actually fair would be a big NO. However the tendency to look fair is so overpowering that youngsters give in to the promises of fairer skin and end up using products without any results.

A recent outburst of an established actress in the country gave strength to the campaign. It also served as a grim reminder that well to do glamorous people also mock at the idea of a fairness cream creating a world of opportunities for a dark skinned person, completely subjugating a darker skin individual with this pointless idea. Fairness cream should not only stop the marketing gimmick of fairness but also put an end to manufacturing lies that not only affects people who use them but also their loved ones who care deeply about their well being.


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