Fashion models influencing youngsters.

In today’s world youngsters would prefer listening to people on screen than people off it. Their parent’s omnipresent god like presence often leads them to not take their concerns seriously. Youngsters today want to emulate models walking the ramp; their thin bodies, an inspiration to skip meals and look perfect in the fashionable dress they bought.

With this trend in mind media advertising is often directed towards youngsters. Youngsters become conscious of brands floating around the city landscape; through advertisement, TV and Internet. When they watch their beloved models on ramp, they want to reject their modest lifestyle and embrace fast and exciting world of their favorite model. In order to be as beautiful and skinny because they have seen someone on the cover of a magazine, girls with normal weight lose kilos leading to unhealthy body weight with serious health consequences.

Though looking good and presentable is always going to be a priority of our society and clothes play a significant part in projecting our personality to the modern world, fashion models through their antics have taken this too far. Teenagers today are insecure about their bodies and overall look, often prompting them towards extreme choices of becoming skinny and leading a lifestyle not suited to them. Their strong desire to impress peers results in spending money on clothes and their looks. Along with expensive cloths; breast implants, laser hair removal and liposuction have become as normal as going to a general physician for an ailment.

Media influence and fashion models rhetoric would play a big part in shaping the mindset of current generation. More avenues propagating healthy fashion choices and models coming out in open to suggest healthy lifestyle should be encouraged in the fashion industry. When youth is digressing towards extreme choices out of fear of losing out to others, it is fashion industry’s priority to promote healthy lifestyle and not make money out of youth’s sentiments.









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