Necessity of beauty pageants

World watched with bated breath when Aishwarya rai, our revered supermodel from India won the miss world crown. Along with several modeling assignments from around the world she won the hearts of her countrymen. Her proud parents and people alike recognized the true power of being beautiful and that too; on a world stage.

Since then and year after year, beauty pageants have become a discussion among girls wanting to have a fair chance of succeeding in the fashion world. From grooming themselves at a very young age to buying beauty products for the upkeep of their healthy skin, girls want to achieve the epitome of fashion world through these beauty pageants. Rest of us admire their beauty, reminiscing ourselves to look good through the product the beauty queen endorses.

This leaves us with a pertinent question; what is the necessity of these pageants?  Why beauty pageants are regarded as the ultimate place to promote beauty and skin care brands and not through general use among public by awareness programs and private initiatives?

Be it sports or academics, competition is the ultimate arena is deciding the best out of the rest. However once the competition ends, we limit sportsperson’s or academician’s ability to their respective fields they excel in. On the other hand winner of beauty Pageants is regarded as the forbearer of beauty and poise, someone who embodies not just beauty but the brands she endorses.

Acclaimed beauty and skin care multinationals rely heavily by marketing beauty queens throughout the world and in the process create them as vehicle of financial gain for their respective regions. Shrewdly calculated research by data companies throughout the world backed with years of experience have pushed these behemoths to look at the beauty pageants as a means to an end giving fillip to the oft repeated paradigm of  –“ Beauty is just skin deep”. Beauty is always in the eyes of beholder, however companies world over have packed beauty through these events, which generally rides on human sentiments. In rooting and following our beauty queens we miss the actual meaning of it and scratch only the surface.


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