Return of Slim Fit clothing

Two decades back men strolled to work in abundant clothing, their Siyaram suits and Vimal shirts knew no bounds. Billowy Shirt sides and sleeves gave the impression that work was picnic no matter how difficult the day had been, men were content with low salaries and women were confined to kitchen and bedroom. However opening of economy in nineties and IT culture ushered in the age of smart dressing that led to power dressing among corporate white collar professionals as their ambitions soared and work became demanding.

Cut to present, Twenty first century has come with its own set of challenges. Long working hours and the need to create impact presentations has led to the culture of dressing that reflects one’s attitude towards work. Men and Women hurrying towards the office premises ooze in style and attitude that reflects the notion that relaxed dressing means relaxed mind, which should be avoided at any cost. Fitter men and women with fitter clothes, their conservative hemlines and neckline intact as they move across the office alleys, often skipping the elevators and lunging quickly towards their cubicle to finish their work suggests that slim fit is not just style, it is a way of life.

Slim fit clothing has returned and is in vogue. So what do modern women and men think about how their attire reflects their attitude towards life and more importantly their personality. Actually, answers lies within the question. In the modern world where time constraints, work stress and irregular eating habits due to perpetual working hours is the norm, fitness has become of utmost importance.

This trend is evident not just in corporate world but percolates down to College students ready to outdo the other in their bid to remain relevant. From Young to middle aged professionals, people prefer dressing which is concise yet quirky. With work and casual clothes becoming expensive, one has to create the right impression to look and feel better and keep oneself motivated.

Slim fit clothing is here to stay for a long time and it helps further as most Slim fit clothing comes in natural fabric which is easy on skin and yet creates an everlasting impression. Those Siyaram suits still hold an impression though, but mostly in memory.




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