Social Media and Fashion Faux Pas

Gone are the days when stars were enigma, a sparkling meteor that burnt through the night sky which disappeared as quickly as it came. Just like those celestial bodies we could only admire their beauty and special place in the scheme of things from quite far, never imagining to come even remotely close. In today’s world a star is as accessible on social media as a luxury car on EMI; one should have the courage and wherewithal to desire it.

Social media has played a big role in the way present celebrities approach their fans and a lot depends on how they project themselves through their sartorial ways. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have shown that no matter where they are; they can always be recognized, mobbed and even ridiculed for what they say, do or wear. Today’s stars arrive with all the paraphernalia that is expected to survive in this media crazy world. They wear crisp clothes that hang onto them like second skin, often leaving the crazy fans wanting more of their superstars.

More often than not; stars often lead themselves into situation that they do not fully comprehend. Fashion magazines and online channels are inundated with news when a celebrity steps a bit too much and reveals more than required through their dresses. In the process to outdo each other and still look exquisite, celebrities often blur the gap between decent and outright unacceptable. Young actresses are found wanting in public places for lack of imagination from their fashion designer and at times simply overawed by the occasion, are trapped in their own images.

Social Media has become the biggest benefactor in driving numbers and growth in the popularity of Internet. Stars more than anybody else recognize its power. It is like walking a tightrope and still hanging on for constant adulation. Only thing that needs to be remembered is coming back on ground after a successful show on the rope.



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