Why celebrities are at the forefront of fashion

“What’s interesting” my fifteen year old niece shot back at me while handing me the morning cup as I shuffled through the city newspaper one wintry morning. With the chill that numbed city dwellers like me into inaction this week, hot cup of tea came to my rescue, however my niece’s innocent question begged for an answer. As I turned pages, all I could fish out were earthquakes, deaths, and strike stories. She shot back after few unnerving seconds, looking over the newspaper’s back page filled with advertisement; “Mamu, look at the beautiful skirt this actress is wearing, I would like to have one like it”

Her innocent yet enlightening answer to her own question left me wondering “What is so interesting about celebrities that even a fifteen year old wants to follow?” Well, came a resounding reply “Why not?” after all actors inspire us through their sagas of love and triumph over evil, and we are convinced. Hence whatever they do or put on is a matter of serious concern to common folk, wanting to lead their life vicariously.

More than the characters they portray on screen, celebrities willingness to take extra risk and show confidence in their craft, when only a successful assignment could make their career emboldens common folk to work hard and take risks to be successful. We want to be like them, talk like them .To put it simply; we want to break the mould and stand out from the crowd by taking fashion risks like our role models.

More than anything else we want to be appreciated as human beings. We want to look and feel nice in whatever we wear, which is a common thread that binds celebrities and common people. In doing so we fit into the same pair of jeans our hero slipped into in a commercial or a hit movie. For better or worse fashion choices we make will always be looked through the mirror reflecting our faces but which is mostly owned by our celebrities.




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