I am Bitter



I am BITTER; well, the word itself stands to lose its meaning, & tumbles down the abyss of collective self admonishment and loathing as I ponder over the incident. And then I say to myself, am i really BITTER or just pretending to be?

A 34 something, out of job male stabs a 21 year old female in the NATIONAL CAPITAL and we witness this gruesome incident on various news channels, without feeling twisted in our bones.Writhing in pain, she called out to us repeatedly, as the accuser’s scissor weapon worked its way into the victim’s body, 28 times.

Come to think of it, how fully aware was the accused of his surroundings. He believed, YES , he truly believed, to his bones, that only if HE summoned the COURAGE to let his INTENTION KNOW to the crowd of onlookers, who were too afraid to take a STEP, too RIGID to step out to help and too INHUMAN to react to victim’s outcry for help, he would come out winners in his SAVAGE act.

All they heard were their inner fears and the manacles in which our society has caged itself.

All he could FEEL was his utter, misplaced BRAVADO in accomplishing what he deemed possible.

What an IRONY?

How WEAK were those 10-15 people to do RIGHT and how STRONG one individual was in carrying out the WRONG.

I FELT BITTER as I read the newspaper column describe this inhuman act in detail. I felt the rush of adrenaline and the feeling of helplessness at the same time.

What if it was my loved one?

Would I still have walked past her, or better still, waited till she DIED?

My remorseful conscience took a leap of imagination and brought out few pointers that I am about to put in WORDS, lest they are pushed and buried , just like the victim’s pleas for HELP in the minds of those who walked past her as she dealt with one BLOW after the OTHER.

  • Instead of CANDLE MARCHES & PETITIONS in the COURTS to bring out JUSTICE, we should embolden our women to pick ARMS and hit back at the very SIGHT of VIOLENCE against them.
  • PARENTS should compulsorily train their FEMALE offspring to COMBAT & nurture their fighting INSTINCT at A VERY young age.
  • Governments should bring in Women counselors in every police station and women should be encouraged to approach them without fail at the very sign of violence against them.
  • Men who think their girlfriend, wives, mothers and sisters to be their fiefdoms need to be educated, trained and if need be chained , YES , chained, in order to bring some semblance of ORDER in the way they APPROACH WOMEN.

I frustratingly WONDER, what could have possibly lead the ACCUSED to act in the way he did?

What could have been his FINAL thoughts before he committed the heinous CRIME?

A man of our SOCIETY, a MAN who killed, had the courage to CLICK the Victim’s picture and share the deed with someone whom he had promised to carry out the KILL.

For his HONOR & for our DISHONOR……

I am BITTER at the CHOICES our Society has presented ITSELF with:

MALE:       A killer, accused, murderer, embittered LOVER, a MALE Chauvinist…..

FEMALE:  Meek Victim, Helpless, Dead and Writhing in Pain, casualty of OUR apathy





I am Bitter                        Image Source: http://www.Tribune.com